When I walked into Adventure Fitness on November 1, 2013, I was seven months post LapBand® surgery, still weighed 255 lbs. and was in need of a right hip replacement at 43 years old. I knew I needed to incorporate exercise into my life to not only continue to lose weight but to get healthy as well. I had been diagnosed with an auto-immune disease, had high-blood-pressure, high cholesterol, sleep apnea and asthma, in addition to severe arthritis in my hip. I wanted to change but I was terrified – terrified of working individually with a personal trainer, terrified that I wouldn’t be able to do any of the exercises or classes because I was in such bad shape, and really terrified of the judgment and condemnation I had experienced at other gyms. It took all of my courage to go in there that day and, I’ve been thankful every day since that I did.

As soon as I met Craig, I knew this place was going to be different. He talked to me like I was a real person and listened to my concerns. He reassured me they could modify any workout plan to meet me where I was at and to help me get me where I wanted to go. He shared his experience in physical and occupational therapy and helping people with arthritis and other health conditions which gave me confidence that he could help me too. Finally, he introduced me to other people that were in the studio that day and, watching them interact with him made me realize he genuinely cared about them. They were comfortable there and they made me feel comfortable too. I felt like I could belong there.

I made the commitment to myself and Adventure Fitness that Friday and had my first workout with Craig on Monday. Since then, I’ve gone from being a person who could barely walk up stairs to a person who exercises several days a week. I no longer have high-blood-pressure, high cholesterol, sleep apnea or take asthma medications. I had my right hip replaced in July 2014. I went from being a person who just wanted to sit comfortably in a booth at a restaurant and be able to shop for clothes at any store, to being a jogger, a hiker, a mountain biker, a stand-up paddle boarder… My whole world has opened up.

With a lot of hard work and commitment on my part and the help, support and encouragement of Craig, Malini and the whole Adventure Fitness team, I’ve been able to become the healthy person I wanted to be. Being a part of this community changed my life in more ways than I could ever have imagined and I’m eternally grateful for it!

Brenda F.

Hi, everyone. I’ve been working with Craig and his staff for almost three years now. What keeps me coming back is the positive energy and attitudes as well as a true feeling of support. Craig & Susan spend a lot of effort helping myself and others set their goals towards being as healthy as we can. Sometimes I don’t feel like working out and I go anyway just to spend time with this upbeat and positive group of trainers and clients. There is no condemnation or judgment from any of them. I keep trying and they encourage me in every way, every step I take. Thank you, Craig and Staff….for keeping me going and living every day a little better and healthier!

Susan C.